Moving your law reviews to an open-access publishing model using BePress' Digital Commons

David Holt, Santa Clara University School of Law
Whitney Alexander, Santa Clara University School of Law

This session will discuss the trend among law schools towards an open access publishing model for both faculty scholarship and student law reviews. Included in this discussion will be a brief overview of the Durham Statement on open access legal publishing and the advantages for law schools who move to this publishing model (including improved accessibility and access and even increased citation rates). Additionally, this session will include how to promote an institutional repository within a law school and how to develop relationships with faculty and other stakeholders to acquire content. Finally, this session will discuss the successes and problems at Santa Clara Law which recently moved all three of their student law reviews to an open access publishing model using Digital Commons from BePress.


Spreadsheets containing all functions described in the gathering and parsing metadata portion of the presentation are available at the Santa Clara University Law School's digital commons under "Additional Files":

The BigKahuna workbook contains all functions necessary to create a final spreadsheet ready to load into a digital commons.  Just copy/paste the metadata for your journal into the matching columns for the HeinOnline, Index to Legal Periodicals, and Dropbox spreadsheets and the data is automatically parsed and collected into a single spreadsheet.  There is also an instruction file describing the process of collecting the metadata and using the BigKahuna spreadsheet. 

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Time slot: 
22 June 10:30 - 11:30