DMR: Digital Media … Revolution

Hiroki Nishiyama, Duke University School of Law
Wayne Miller, Duke University School of Law
Courtney Davis, Duke University School of Law

When Duke Law implemented the Apple TV and MediaPOINTE DMR HD devices, it unofficially entered the Digital Media Revolution.

The days of worrying about tape and disc supply are over; the concerns about where to put all these recordings and how to catalog them are moot.

But no solution comes without a new set of problems.

How can Digital Media devices save time, money, and energy? What are the long-term implications for abandoning hard copies? Are digital media receivers (like Apple TV) and digital media recorders (like MediaPOINTE DMR HD) really the next wave of classroom technology?

In this session, we will discuss the current setup at Duke Law, the positives and negatives of implementing these digital media devices so far, and what new problems will result from these devices.


Presented by:

Hiroki Nishiyama, User Analyst, Duke Law

Wayne Miller, Assistant Dean for Academic Technologies, Duke Law

Courtney Davis, Video Service Specialist, Duke Law

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Time slot: 
22 June 16:00 - 17:00