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Getting the Most out of WestlawNext and TWEN
Jeffrey Brandimarte

In 2009, law firms, attempting to reduce costs, reached their lowest staffing levels since the 1980s, according to the National Law Journal.  In this climate, firms must use the most accurate...

Hacked! How we avoided a search engine ranking disaster
Ayyoub Ajmi, Michael Robak

Optimizing your law school's website for search engines is crucial to elevate your ranking in search results. The last thing you want is for your website to be hacked and then associated with...

Professional Reading without the Reading! The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
Resa Kerns

We know that spending time on professional reading is important, but it often gets pushed to the bottom of our long to-do lists, and stays there. Who has the time to find and digest innovative...

Teaching and Marketing with Legal Infographics
Marin Dell

An interesting Infographic can be an effective marketing tool or a way to capture the attention of the visual learner.  Creating infographics is a simple and easy process, but translating...

Blogging projects with Google OS
Michael Samson

Immerse yourself in blogging with a wide variety of Google cloud tools, gadgets, widgets, and customized open and licensed...

“Reducing the Guesswork Out of Student Attrition and Bar Passage: Empowering Students Through a Numbers-based Approach by Informing Them Where They Stand Through Every Part of Their Legal Education”
Tommy Sangchompuphen, Randy Mathews

Nearly every jurisdiction saw a dip in bar passage rates on the July 2014 bar exam. The national mean scaled MBE score for July 2014 was 141.47, which was also three points lower than the July...

First Resort: Building a smart intake and referral system at DC Public Library
Keith Porcaro

The constellation of social service and legal aid organizations, each already facing operational strain, are insufficiently interconnected to form a coherent safety net. For clients, even those...

Intermediate Librarian
Pimp your Library Services for the 21st Century
Marcia Dority Baker, Sandy Placzek

Are your library services so “1980”? Looking for ways – some big, some small, some expensive, some not so much, some techie, some rebooted – to move your library into the...

One Week of Fun, Adventure & Excellent Experiential Learning - The Tribal Wills Project
Lucy Marsh

Step outside the classroom to provide students with an opportunity for memorable pro bono service and outstanding experiential learning of the vital skills of interviewing, counseling and drafting...

Canvas Users Group
Sarah Glassmeyer
Teams and Technology: How the New Breed of Attorney Operates
Ryan Anderson

In this presentation also given at the LegalEd Igniting Law conference, Ryan Anderson describes how the days of large firms carrying a quiver of specialized attorneys is coming to an end...

Free Law Interest Group Lunch Meetup
Sarah Glassmeyer
ABA Library Standards: Building an Assessment Toolkit
Gordon Russell, Joshua Pluta

Join us in a discussion of meaningful library assessment –implementing tools (i.e. LSSSE, ABA Takeoffs, Surveys, focus groups) to assess the library success in meeting the ABA standards...

Using Your Flipping LibGuides to Drive Open Source Assessment Rubrics For Transformation in the 21st Century
Thomas Bruce

Inspired by the recent changes in Colorado's marijuana laws, this session will be a mindless recitation of every legal-education reform buzzword circulated in a community that is desperately...

I'm Not A Librarian, I'm A Curator: Raise Your Profile With Social Content Curation
Sharon Bradley

A curator collects, organizes, and shares information. Librarians have always been curators. In the ever changing information environment we now need to acknowledge our inner curator and bring...

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