Blogging projects with Google OS


Immerse yourself in blogging with a wide variety of Google cloud tools, gadgets, widgets, and customized open and licensed library resources and services. If you are interested in creating customized law faculty alert services, law school courses, professional organizations awareness services, work assignments sharing, and professional presentations, than you should attend this program. Two private (CLOSED) projects (i.e. “Treaties in US Law “, a private collaboration tool for 11 faculties from 8 law schools working on individual book chapters, and “Academic Success Program”, a private WSU Law School YouTube program) will also be shared, LIVE, with the audience. If you plan on attending Elmer and Sara’s blogging program than you should also consider “Part Deux” (this presentation) where you will learn about the many Google cloud tools and gadgets integrated in Blogger. Of course, we can also point to the potential role and impact of scholarly blogging on the legal scholarly communication … but we'll leave this topic for the next CALI conference!