Institutional Repositories for Law Schools – Past, Present, and Future

Kathleen Cowan, Bepress

Since 2010, the number of institutional repositories (IRs) managed by law schools has more than tripled. In addition, over 60 law reviews now make their archives freely available through an IR.  What is driving law libraries to implement IRs and to archive law reviews online?  How are they doing so, even in times of financial constraint?  

Using live examples from the community, this interactive session will explore why law schools are launching IR programs and the challenges and rewards of what has quickly become a core component of the law library’s digital services strategy.

Please come ready to participate. The presenter asks attendees to consider these questions in advance of the session:

  • What is the primary purpose of an IR for a law school?
  • Who benefits from the law IR?
  • What kind of legal material is most important to collect in an IR?

Schedule info

Time slot: 
21 June 14:30 - 15:30