How to Pimp your TWEN: Engaging Students on Their Turf - Online

Jennifer Cooper, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

I do not nor have I ever worked for West. This presentation is a result of my use (and probable abuse/hacking) of my course TWEN page.  Students are required to sign up for TWEN to access course materials like assignments, course syllabii, and PowerPoint slides posted after class.  TWEN is so much more than a repository of class handouts and PowerPoint presentations. We are missing out and not meeting our students' needs by under-utilizing this (free) resource.


Despite the easy access to a valuable resource, most of us grossly underuse or neglect online resources such as TWEN to extend the physical classroom.  This presentation exhibits the many other creative uses of TWEN  including using hyperlinks to external and intra-TWEN pages, embedding video, adding pictures and graphics, and even linking classroom recordings directly to TWEN. Further, maximizing TWEN's capabilities include tying into TWEN mobile capabilities, including TWEN's mobile optimized page to put the power of TWEN (and our classrooms as a result) into our students' pockets.


I have included a few screenshots of both my TWEN webpage illustrating some of these uses as well as the TWEN mobile optimized page on my iPhone. 


Thank you for your consideration,


Jennifer M. Cooper

Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Screenshot of my TWEN page using images, hyperlinks, and an embedded document:


Writing Lab's TWEN page


Screenshot of my TWEN page using embedded video from YouTube:


Screenshot of TWEN page using embedded video


Screenshot of TWEN mobile optimized page on iPhone:

Screenshot of TWEN mobile optimized page on iPhone


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