From DIY to Semi-Homemade: Should You Integrate Third Party Applications Into Your Services?

Austin Williams, Georgia State University College of Law
Deborah Schander, Georgia State University College of Law
Jordan Gilbertson, Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law


We all want to create our own programs and applications, but we don’t always have the time or technical experience required to do so.  Three student services librarians will discuss how they’ve enhanced their outreach services by integrating a combination of third party applications into their existing law library websites and systems.The discussion will center on: (1) the advantages of using third party applications; (2) the pitfalls of using them; and (3) how to decide which is best for your needs: a third party application or a home grown one.  The presenters will also provide specific examples on how they have creatively used some popular free and low-cost third party applications, including Google Forms, Skype, Survey Monkey, WordPress, and Picasa.  Even though they will be speaking about their use in the law library setting, they will also provide some insight on how professors, administrators, and technologists can integrate these systems into their workflow.   

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21 June 14:30 - 15:30