Cultivating Creativity: How to innovate, create, and get out of your own way while doing it

Jill Smith, Georgetown University Law Center
Vicenc Feliu, Villanova University School of Law

Are you waiting for inspiration? Do you look at others’ projects and think, “How did they come up with that idea?” This talk will give you practical insights on the supposedly arcane workings of creativity. We will discuss everyday strategies and techniques to expand your creative arsenal, the role of gear and gadgets in the creative process, and how to kill a once-good idea that’s gone bad. The good news: everyone can be more creative. The bad news: it takes a bit of work and planning. The best news: the results are worth it.


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Several people asked me about the Ze Frank piece we showed - here is the specific piece we showed, here is a link to his site, here is a link to "The Show," and here's a bonus - Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk on creativity from 2009.

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21 June 13:00 - 14:00