The Crimprof Multipedia Turns Three

Stephen Henderson, The University of Oklahoma College of Law

Launched in July of 2009, the Crimprof Multipedia now has over three hundred subscribed professors and some five hundred content items for use in teaching criminal law and procedure courses. Available entirely for free and hosted by the University of Oklahoma College of Law, the site categories content by subject matter, is fully searchable, and provides diverse content with a wide range of pedagogical values. Some of the material simply reinforce with humor (e.g., an embarrassing mistaken application of the Terry "telltale bulge" rule), some adds perspective (e.g., material on race including the unexpected "dribbling while black" and "driving while white"), some provides practical application (e.g., interrogation video, police dashcam footage, and 911 calls), and some valuable contrast (e.g., comparing Colonel Jessup's view of torture in A Few Good Men with that of Spencer Tracy's character in Judgment at Nuremberg).

This session will discuss what the site's creators (Stephen Henderson and Joseph Thai) have learned in the last three years, from lessons in site creation and management to lessons in using the material in the classroom, with heavy emphasis on demonstrating the site and its content.

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22 June 10:30 - 11:30