Convert Your Course Website (Online) Into A Chrome App (Offline), Or Why an App Might be Better Than an eBook

Patrick Wiseman, Georgia State University College of Law

This session, which is aimed at technically willing faculty and their IT staff, will demonstrate how to convert a course website into an app for Chrome. Depending on the richness of the website, the app could completely replace course materials, as is the case with the Constitutional Law II app Professor Wiseman will demonstrate to illustrate how it's done. A Chrome app, which can be designed to work offline, has obvious advantages over the website it replaces; it requires no Internet connection, and loads almost infinitely faster than a website. A Chrome app also has distinct advantages over any of the current ebook formats, as it allows full use of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows for interactivity with the course materials. (EPUB3 will do likewise, but there are, as yet, no useful implementations of it; indeed, it has arguably already been superseded by the availability of browser apps.)


There's a very simple example linked below under Slides, the U.S. Constitution as published by the U.S. House of Representatives.


This presentation's slides, packaged as an app, are now linked below (web2app.crx).

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Time slot: 
23 June 09:00 - 10:00