Bridging the Gap: Technology Integration from a K-12 Perspective

Vanessa Bravo, Pepperdine University School of Law

Consider these questions:

  • What technologies are incoming law students exposed to during their K-12 experience? How were those technologies utilized to enhance and improve the learning experience?
  • What technologies are students expecting to see in the law classroom and in future law practice?
  • How can knowledge of K-12 technology be applied to legal education?
  • How can students’ incoming tech knowledge and skills be utilized to promote positive learning experiences in legal education?

After spending the last six year teaching K-12 educators how to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms, I have now shifted my focus to technology integration in legal education. How is K-12 technology relevant to this experience?  


This session will provide an overview of relevant K-12 technologies and then proceed to suggest practical ways in which those technologies can be employed effectively in legal education.  Additionally, what are barriers to implementation and how can those barriers be addressed?

Schedule info

Time slot: 
22 June 14:30 - 15:30