$50!!! what do you need $20 for? Using what you have when budgets are tight.

Phillip Bohl, Pepperdine University School of Law
Gilbert Marquez, Pepperdine University School of Law

In a time when pundits and CIOs alike are promising that the budget situation isn't going to improve anytime soon there's never been more need for resourcefulness and efficiency. At Pepperdine University School of Law we have found ways to do some strategic leveraging of relationships, a redesign of staff responsibilities, as well as exploiting existing tools to improve and expand services to our customers. Without additional funding we have been able to:

  • Develop an automated podcasting service (Panopto) with no new funding by leveraging relationships in University IT
  • Create a brand new position focused on developing, promoting, and supporting learning technologies - no new funding
  • Refine classroom technology services by "working" vendors and communicating with administrators
  • Promote staff professional development for little or no money
  • Facilitate a brand new comprehensive faculty and staff training center for the School of Law
  • Implement an entirely new case management system for law clinics with full remote access on "free" servers
  • Built a fully functional high tech classroom using the stone soup methodology starting with a grant of only $27,500 but getting well over $100,000 in the end -- with no budget increases
  • Install and service multiple systems with in-house talent

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22 June 10:30 - 11:30