The Law School Educational Technologist Survey – 2 Years Later

Debbie Ginsberg, Chicago-Kent College of Law
Barbara Glennan, California Western School of Law
Chester Kozikowski, Boston College Law School
Lindsay Matts, William Mitchell College of Law
Alex Berrio Matamoros, Boston College Law School

In the 2009 law school educational technology survey, we found that while law school educational technologists loved their jobs, the duties and expectations from school to school varied widely. In this session, we’ll explore whether, two years on, our job descriptions have become more standardized. What should law school faculty and staff expect when a law school hires an educational technologist?

We’ll also feature several current law school educational technologists who will showcase specialized projects and processes they’ve been able to bring to their law schools. Find out what a law school educational technologist can do for you!

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Barbara's slides (The Law School Ed Tech Survey)
Chester's and Alex's slides (Training and promotion)
Lindsay's slides (Supporting ed tech technologies)
Debbie's slides (What has changed in 2 years)

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24 June 14:30 - 15:30