How to Create a Distance Education Course

Deb Quentel, CALI

The ABA Standards dictate the number of online credits that a student can obtain for an ABA – accredited law school J.D. program. In contrast, LL.M. programs are not constrained by the same ABA Standards for online courses. With these standards in mind, is your school considering moving more J.D. courses online? Does your school offer an online LLM, or is it thinking of adding one to the law school's offerings? Are you or your faculty interested in flipping the classroom?
This session will address these issues. Creating an authentic learning environment for your students in an online course requires more than simply posting videos of the professor online. This session will address some of the learning theory and best practices behind effective online learning courses, and explore some of the tools that schools can use other than a full-blown learning management system.
[June 25, 2013 - slides uploaded]

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13 June 10:30 - 11:30
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