Score! Winning Points and Adding Value Through Application Development That Matters

Gary Wilhelm, University of North Carolina School of Law
Doug Edmunds, University of North Carolina School of Law

Web and application developers often suffer from neglect or wallow in obscurity while other members of the IT department--those in the trenches offering end-user support--receive the most praise and recognition (or the most wrath, depending on the day). Not so at the UNC School of Law, where developer/programmer, Gary Wilhelm, is recognized for the value he brings to the organization as a whole. In the past two years, two of his finest accomplishments to date include the Joint Journal Competition interface and JCAP (Judicial Clerkship Application Program), custom applications that have improved workflow, reduced staff time, and made administrators and students happier people. Come hear about these winning applications and how these projects were developed in Carolina Law's somewhat unique Windows/IIS/MySQL/.NET environment.

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24 June 14:30 - 15:30