Casebooks Unbound: Online Supplements with WordPress

Emily Barney, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Update: Here are the links to my demo presentation website and other sites I showed in my presentation:

- (also, now optimized for mobile!)
- - sign up for your own Wordpress-based site with your CALI login
- Energy Law Casebook (beta site)
- Water Rights Management Casebook (test site)
- Custom plugins - designed for us by Jiayu Ji

Would you or your faculty like to update or supplement casebooks online? Use our “unbound” casebook supplement system in WordPress to quickly set up a website that’s easy for faculty or their student assistants to keep current.

With this system, any casebook can be updated with the latest legal developments, color illustrations, charts, and more.

In this session, I will show you:
- Quick setup instructions using CALI’s Classcaster
- Theme and plugin files to install on a self-hosted WordPress site
- Step-by-step instructions for fast one-time configuration
- Checklists and guides to show anyone how to easily create and edit content

In January, we gave a very brief overview of this project at Harvard’s “Faculty Outreach Showcase Showdown” – the slides are available here:

You can view our beta supplement site here:

Schedule info

Time slot: 
24 June 16:00 - 17:00