Black Box Full of Drupal

Leslie Grove, University of Georgia Law School
Jason Tubinis, University of Georgia Law School

Most beginner discussions of Drupal start with the premise that you're building a Drupal site from scratch. But what if you're not the one building it? What if you suddenly find yourself in an environment that already has a Drupal site, and now you're responsible for maintaining it? In 2009 the University of Georgia School of Law launched a new Drupal site designed by an outside vendor. In this session we will share tips and tricks for IT professionals who find themselves in any similar situations.

Topics include:
Where do you start? Where is everything? Help?!
A brief overview of Drupal structure
Basic concepts: users, nodes, and themes
Essential Modules (i.e. Views and CCK)
Translating your existing knowledge of HTML and CSS into content management success

Schedule info

Time slot: 
24 June 14:30 - 15:30