The Afterburner: Modules for optimizing Drupal for fast seo friendly websites

Nick Moline, Justia

Drupal is a tremendous cross between a CMS and a Framework for web development that makes developing a dynamic and robust website in a hurry easy (or easier), but out of the box it leaves much to be desired in terms of performance and content optimization.

In this session we will go over the third party modules and services that can be used to optimize your drupal based site for performance and search engine optimization.

I've uploaded my slides to slideshare:

And here are some links:

Speed Modules: - Memcache API - Varnish - APC - Cache Router - Boost - CSS GZip - Javascript Aggregator - Pressflow pre-optimized Drupal Install

SEO Modules: - XML sitemap - Pathauto - Path redirect - Global Redirect - Nodewords (Meta Tags) - Page Title - Drupal SEO Tools

Session Video:

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Time slot: 
24 June 16:00 - 17:00