A2J Author Course Project: Equipping Students with Core Competencies and Lowering Barriers to Justice

The A2J Author Course Project ("Project") is a groundbreaking initiative that supports and promotes the teaching of A2J Author in law schools across the country to help lower barriers to access to justice.  A2J Author is an expert system with an authoring tool that creates graphical Guided Interviews, which walk self-represented litigants through a legal process.  Guided Interviews can also help to complete complex legal forms. Students in Project courses work with a legal aid organization or court to create Guided Interviews and document assembly templates, which provide meaningful legal assistance to those who cannot afford a private attorney or who otherwise do not qualify for legal aid.  In creating those impactful digital self-help tools, students learn practice management skills and technological competencies that are vital in today's legal job market.
This session will introduce attendees to the Project, which is now in its second iteration.  Attendees will learn about Project objectives and the faculty who help drive this initiative.  Seven faculty fellows have been selected for the 2015-16 A2J Author Course Project.  Faculty fellow Carrie Hagan will be on the panel to discuss her upcoming A2J Author course.  The panel will present the results of the first iteration; direct attendees to the rich teaching materials created within the Project; and expose attendees to new pedagogical perspectives and tools generated by the professors who have taught in the Project. 

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18 June 10:30 - 11:30
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