WordPress for Law Student Organizations: Standardizing Customizations


We’re moving our student organization sites to WordPress to allow for easier updating, training, and better designs. Students love their new sites -- now they can focus on their organization's goals, not learning to code or getting access to restricted servers and expensive software.
Although WordPress “out of the box” is easy to edit, we’ve customized it with child themes, templates, and custom post types that let students focus on the key information their sites need. They especially like the new profiles for students and archive pages for profiles, documents, and more that update automatically as they add new content.
On the back end we’re using plugins that extend the media library to work more effectively with pdfs, offer better search results, integrate with Google Apps for documents and events, and offer enhanced security.
 Emily Barney - WordPress for Law Student Organizations: Standardizing Customizations

 CALI 2014 - Wordpress for Student Orgs - Google Docs

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19 June 14:30 - 15:30
WCC 2004

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19 June 14:30 - 15:30 Technologist Intermediate WCC 2004