CALIcon14 Presenter Notes

This page contains information for presenters at the 2014 CALI Conference for Law School Computing (CALIcon) held at Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA, June 19 - 21, 2014. All presenters should review the information on this page and contact Elmer if you have any questions.

  • If you haven't already, please register for the conference. Even though your conference fees are reduced, you still need to register so that we have materials, badges and correct counts for food.
  • We anticipate 300 - 350 attendees at this years conference. We will have 5 concurrent sessions, so that translates to about 60 - 70 people per session. If your topic is highly technical or addresses a very narrow area, expect less than 55. If your topic is broad or of current interest you can expect more than 65.
  • All of the sessions are 1 hour long. No one from CALI or HLS will introduce you. We will have tech folks available in the rooms 15 minutes before your session starts to make sure your laptops and mics are setup correctly. When the time for your session comes - go ahead and get started. We regularly 'flush" people out of the hallways into sessions.
  • All sessions will be held in rooms WCC 2004, 2009, 2019, 3018, 3019. Each room has connections for your laptop.
  • There are wireless microphones in the room for the presenters. Please use them (make sure they are ON). These are not for amplification, these are for recording fidelity. We are recording all of the sessions for later posting as part of the CALIcon archive.
  • All of the conference sessions will be recorded and archived for later listening and viewing on a website. Your session may also be webcast live. Your agreement to speak at the conference includes your agreement to this recording and subsequent access after the conference, including CALI’s right to reproduce, publish, perform, display and distribute your session. Many, many people have told us how valuable they find this service. If you have any issues with this, let Elmer know before the conference.
  • Since we like to encourage as much participation as possible, please plan on no more than 50 minutes of speaking to allow for at least 10 minutes of questions and discussion.
  • There are 30 minute breaks between each session and lunch is 90 minutes so if your session is going a little long, that should not be a problem. Do keep in mind that the long breaks and lunches are intended to encourage out of session discussion, so please try to keep to your allotted time.
  • Please upload your slides and other materials to the Session description pages on this website. If you are on a panel, the person who submitted the session proposal will need to add the slides and materials.
  • You should review your Session description and your CALIcon profile to make sure that the information is correct for your session and your profile. You can edit both as necessary. Please be sure to add a photo of yourself so folks cna put a face to the name.
  • Please plan on bringing your laptop or tablet for your presentation. Each room will have connections to link your device to the room's projection system. The display connections are standard VGA, so if you are bringing your Mac, please remember the VGA adapter.
  • We strongly recommend bringing a copy of your presentation on a USB key as a backup in case there is a problem with your laptop.
  • If you haven't reserved your hotel room, please do so now. Please visit the hotel info page for details on making hotel reservations. The conference rate for hotels is no longer available.
  • There will be a brief presenters' meeting at 6 PM on Wednesday June 18 to go over some of the details with the rooms and answer any questions you might have. Attendance is optional and the meeting will be pretty informal.

As always, any questions, problems, suggestions, ideas, comments, complaints - don't hesitate to contact Elmer or John.