Technology Legos: Snapping RaspberryPi, Arduino, 3D printers, Phidgets and more into the next wave of technological innovations


RaspberryPi, Arduino, 3D printing, iBeacon, mobile apps, flux capacitors, TARDIS technology, and more! We’ve turned our offices into prototyping labs that rival any hacker’s mom’s basement and we’re amped up on enough energy drinks and stale Doritos that we move in blurs as we churn out the next wave of innovative technology in law school. You won’t find this stuff on the shelves of Best Buy. We’re VIP customers at the local Radio Shack. Give us some circuit boards, a soldering iron, and a platform to program on and we’ll make cool things. We’ve got Arduino boards running 4 Display LED touch screens and card readers tapped into IP cameras writing MP4 video in realtime to the server. From there, our text message loving students can drop time-synced comments on the study room videos they just created from any device they can get their hands on. RaspberryPi-powered digital displays extend the reach of our portal to the classroom doors our students pass through while iBeacon feeds information to their mobile devices in our quest for a more connected and interactive campus.
Come join us for a chat on what we’ve done and what we’re hoping to accomplish as we grab onto the next wave of technology.

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19 June 16:00 - 17:00
WCC 2009

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19 June 16:00 - 17:00 Technologist Advanced WCC 2009