Taming the Aleph beast with Group Policy


This sessions will look at how to use the various features of Group Policy to keep Aleph up to date and behaving properly for your install base.  We will start with a generic install and the basics.  Installations with custom settings are much more difficult to maintain, and we found some ways to optimize those one-off installs.  Some school-wide settings can be made through Group Policy, including file permissions, which makes for a more consistent installation while also saving time for the end user and/or a technician.  All this, just with Group Policy!  There will be a bonus section on integrating Aleph into an SCCM environment.  This allows for better installation, detection, and maintenance, since it isn't exactly a normal program...  The goal is to automate as much as possible.  There will also be time for discussing what others schools are doing with Aleph or any other strange library software.

Schedule Info and Session Details

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