Game of Budgetary Thrones - Does Responsibility Center Management lead to "the academic equivalent of a Hobbesian war of all against all"?


Though Responsibility Center Management (RCM) has been in existence since its inception at the University of Pennsylvania in 1974, its adoption has occurred in waves, typically as state allocations to education ebb and flow.  Many schools have attempted to apply it or modify it for their budgets, though there have been some very public outliers -  either complete rejection by the faculty and staff (UCLA) or embraced to the extent that state allocations are themselves rejected entirely by a school (University of Virginia School of Business).
We would like to discuss the University of New Mexico's still in-process adoption of RCM, and also open the conversation to attendees of other schools about their experiences with RCM.  We hope our session will shed some light on a budget model (and frankly, battle) that may be coming to your college or university and also provide some guidance on communication, expectation setting, and the other skills that inevitably attend IT interactions.

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