How to Steer with 20 Hands on the Wheel: Tech Tools That Guide and Stimulate Collaboration

Benjamin Carlson, Villanova University School of Law
Lori Strickler, Villanova University School of Law

We are often asked to take on projects that may be outside our comfort zone, particularly when those projects involve new technology.  A substantial part of the process in any big digital project is finding tools that everyone can use together to get information, collaborate, and see the big picture as the project develops.  Starting last year, Villanova University School of Law engaged in a complete website redesign while at the same time creating an institutional repository with Digital Commons, with the law school library taking charge of both projects. In this session we’ll share our experience with project management and review some of the tools we used to facilitate all phases of our digital projects.
Topics covered will include making detailed web analytics easy to read and understand, sharing information and ideas using cloud-based storage solutions, visualizing and delegating project goals with mind-mapping software, and using screencasts and other tools to create manuals and tutorials. These technologies helped us to get on the same page even when we were miles apart. In addition to these tools, we’ll discuss how we approached departments both within and outside the law school, how we balanced input and competing visions of the projects and how we built upon that information to create a roadmap that everyone could follow and contribute to, ensuring that everyone stayed on the right path to meet our goals.

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14 June 13:00 - 14:00
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