Flipping Flop?: exploring whether guest lectures can use the flipped classroom format

Scott Vanderlin, Chicago-Kent College of Law
Clare Willis, Chicago-Kent College of Law

This session will examine the “flipped classroom” teaching model through the point of view of the ad hoc or guest lecture, addressing the unique challenges in that context.  The potential merits of the “flipped classroom” teaching approach for traditional courses with multiple class meetings are well-documented.  For a guest lecturer already faced with limited in-class time, the flipped classroom may be particularly intriguing because technology transfers much of the content out of the classroom, allowing the instructor to use classroom time for collaborative exercises and practical applications.  Despite those benefits, a guest lecture faces unique challenges that may limit the effectiveness of the flipped teaching model, such as limited ability to explain the format ahead of time or get student buy-in. Presenters will share their own experiences using the flipped classroom format to teach upper level legal research lectures in ad hoc sessions.  Using these experiences as a case study, we will discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of attempting the flipped classroom approach as a guest lecturer, as well as the logistics and technologies used to implement this increasingly popular teaching model.

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13 June 16:00 - 17:00
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