ExamReporter – Building a Web Application for Administrative Support of Exam4

Brian Yulke, New York University School of Law
Darin Phelps,

At NYU Law, all exams are computer-based. Several years ago we switched to using Exam4 for in-class exams. Several reasons prompted us to change vendors, but moving to Exam4 added one complication, especially for a school with our student body size … we really needed feature-rich web-based administration for tracking exams. Unperturbed, we decided to build our own.
We started off in PHP, scarfed some data from our database team, and cobbled together a working web app in about 6 weeks. One year later, our next iteration implemented a framework, version control, and staged environments. Yet another year later, we added new features, further increasing satisfaction among both administrative and student clients.
ExamReporter gets its raw data from the exam upload folders and matches it against student, faculty and course information. It then provides a friendly, yet comprehensive UI for both administrators and students to track activity before and during the busy exam season.  
- Darin Phelps, Associate Director, User Services, NYU School of Law
- Brian Yulke, IT Specialist, NYU School of Law

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15 June 09:00 - 10:00
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