CALIcon13 Live on Youtube

If everything goes as planned 56 sessions at the 23rd Annual CALI Conference for Law School Computing will be streamed live as YouTube events. The easiest way to catch the session you want to see live is to visit the conference agenda and click on the session title you want to watch. The YouTube video is embedded right in the session page on the conference website. If you miss the session live, the recording should be available from the session page with a few minutes after the live event ends.
Of course there are a couple of caveats. First, this is the first time in many years we have tried to webcast the conference live. We're a bit rusty and this may not work quite as we expect, so please bear with us. If you try to view a session and it is working, please wait a bit and try it again. There isn't much we can do once things are running to troubleshoot individual problems. Second, there is no way to interact with the live session, so think of it like television. If you have questions for the presenters leave them in the comments section of the session page and the presenters will get reply after the session is over.
Enjoy the video!

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